Welcome to the Wiki of the 3D Hack Camp at the London 2012 Music Tech Fest.

This Hack Camp is about exploring and building creative music applications. Just like Music Hack Days, it’s 48 hours of hacking in which participants will conceptualize, create and present their projects.

This Hack Camp is 3D in that participants will include programmers as well as visual artists, sonic artists, and video artists. Multidisciplinary collaboration is encouraged. A live band will be present in the hack space in case you want to connect live instruments, and you will have the possibility to use the help of film editors, broadcasters and sound designers for applications which require moving image or particular sounds.

Where and When

The Hack Camp will be held on the 6th floor of Ravensbourne College, located right next to the O2 (North Greenwhich Tube Station).

The address is: 6 Penrose Way, London, SE10 0EW

The Hack Camp will run from Friday May 18th till Saturday May 19th 2012.

Important Pages


  • Best remix of pre-existing media
  • Coolest augmentation of pre-existing instrument
  • Coolest augmentation of pre-existing object
  • Best mobile-based hack
  • Most clever use of music information
  • Best light-sabre hack
  • Most useful software aimed at music-makers
  • Best audio visualiser
  • Instrument with most potential for virtuosic use (novel controllers, haptic feedback devices, etc)
  • Best 3D Music Gadget

What To Bring

  • Bring your hacking tools of choice: laptop, ethernet patch cords, toolbox, arduinos, synths, musical material, your imagination.
  • We’ll supply: power, wifi, hacking space, meals, snacks, amplifiers, film editors, sound designers, soldering stations, light sabres, mini-speakers, piezo transducers and jacks.


  • There is space to sleep in the hack camp, with sofas, cushions and pods.
  • Bring a sleeping bag if you’re staying overnight.
  • The Hack Camp is accessible to wheelchair users.
  • There are showers in the building.
  • There will be breakfast, lunch and dinner on both Friday and Saturday.



Attendance is free but registration is required to participate in the Hack Camp.

  • Registration Close

Pick the “Daytime ONLY” ticket if you do not intend to stay overnight.

The List of Hacks

Add your completed hacks to the list here. Demos will take place at the end of the Hack Camp on Saturday afternoon

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